Strengthening Capacities for Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in Montenegro

Overall Project Objective

The overall objective of the project, entitled “Strengthening the Capacities for Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Montenegro", is to contribute to the implementation and enforcement of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) in Montenegro.

Project Scope

The project will establish the necessary conditions for improved water resources management in the country in line with requirements of the EU WFD. The tasks and activities that will be implemented by the project team are summarised below.
  • Task 1: Characterization and Analysis of River Basin Districts in Montenegro
    This task is composed of four activities:

    Analysis of river basin district characteristics.
    • Collecting existing data and development of spatial data layers required for water body delineation,
    • Determining the water body status and hydromorphological conditions according the principles of the WFD through fieldwork, and
    • Setting up a GIS database.

    Assessment of environmental impacts of human activity and identification of heavily modified and artificial waters. This activity is composed of two sub-activities:
    • Assessment of ecological status of water bodies,
    • Hydromorphological assessment to determine water bodies at risk

    Establishing a register of Protected Areas
    The EU legislation takes into consideration the following types of Protected Areas for drinking water Protected Areas, bathing waters, nitrate vulnerable zones (agriculture source), nutrient sensitive areas (urban source), Natura 2000 Protected Areas (water dependent under habitat and Birds Directives), and Protected Areas designated as economically significant aquatic species.

    Economic analysis of water use
    The purpose of the economic study is to make use of existing data to provide an initial overview of the economic benefits and costs associated with the utilization of water resources in the River Basin District and to estimate the future trends of the water demand.
  • Task 2: Upgrade of water monitoring system in accordance with WFD
    This task is composed of three activities:

    Preparation study for improving of water monitoring in accordance with WFD, including a revision of existing sites, proposal for new sites for surface waters, ground waters, as well as laboratory equipment for chemical and biological monitoring
    The objective of monitoring is to establish a coherent and comprehensive overview of water status within each River Basin District and must permit the classification of all surface water bodies into one of five classes and groundwater into one of two classes.

    Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive establishes the requirement for the monitoring of surface water status, groundwater status and protected area. Monitoring programmes are required to establish a coherent and comprehensive overview of water status within each river basin district

    Revision of the current status of the software and hardware solutions and proposal for its upgrade
    The Consultant will perform the analyses of the current system and coordinate with other donor’s and IFI currently ongoing in Montenegro in order to avoid overlapping. The output of this activity will be study for software and hardware improvement of equipment.

    Revision and finalisation of technical specification of the monitoring equipment
    The Contractor will revise all technical specification of current monitoring equipment and propose specification for procurement of new equipment. This task will be undertaken with close coordination and contribution from the experts from the IHMS.
  • Task 3: Hydrogeological Investigations
    It is proposed to gradually create a new Groundwater Monitoring Network in which majority of observation points should be new drilled boreholes with installed piezometers and automatic registration of groundwater quantity and quality parameters. However, the locations of these boreholes cannot be determined without prior comprehensive hydrogeological investigations and direct consultations with beneficiary of this project (MARD). In addition to, depth and construction of these boreholes require appropriate design and supervision.

    The part of required additional hydrogeological investigations will be performed by the Consultant, while in accordance with Montenegro’s legislation, a company licensed for geological survey and drilling will oversee drilling and testing of boreholes.

    The required investigation includes six groups of activities, which will be conducted over a 13 month period from March 2018 to April 2019:

    1. Field reconnaissance investigation and existing data evaluation
    2. Preparation of Project Concept Note
    3. Project preparation and approval
    4. Drilling and testing of boreholes
    5. Supervision of drilling and testing
    6. Completion Report
  • Task 4: Development of Adriatic and Danube River Basin Management Plans and Program of Measures
    The Consultant will provide a river basin planning process for each river basin district. The first output of this process in going to be the initial river basin management plans.

    Task 1 and Task 2 above detail the primary requirements for the RBMP. task 3 provides the requirement for the remainder of the RBMP in relation to environmental quality objectives (EQOs), the Programme of Measures (POMs), public information/consultation and required contact information. Aspects of the EQOs, the POMs and the integration of the Floods Directive in relation to the RBMPs.
  • Task 5: Strategic Environmental Assessment for the River Basin Management Plans
    Following the identification of the Programme of Measures in relation to agriculture, chemical pollution, groundwater, hydromorphological pressures, and Protected Areas, the Consultant will develop Strategic Environmental Assessment and subsequently organize public consultation in accordance with requirements of EU legislation and national law.
  • Task 6: Establishment of a database for storing data related to River Basin Management Planning
    This task is composed of three activities:

    Assessment of existing data, databases, collaborating information systems and needs
    • Preliminary assessment and analysis of the results;
    • Creation of the conceptual design of RBMPs Geographical Information System (GIS)

    Design, development and implementation of RBMPs GIS as first phase in establishment of Water Resource Information Management System (WRIMS)
    • Methodology workshops with the beneficiary
    • Specification of the information management requirements
    • Detail design of RBMPs GIS
    • Logical database model
    • Physical database model
    • Development of application for data/information management
    • Deployment and integration with other national/international information systems including evaluation testing
    • Preparation of the technical and system documentation
    • Preparation of the user documentation
    • Final delivery of RBMPs GIS.

    Preparation of the Strategy and Action plan for continuation of WRIMS development
    • Definition of the strategic goals and objectives
    • Estimation of needed resources
    • Prioritisation of the actions
    • Preparing WRIMS Strategy and Action plan
    • Drafting ToR for the priority action
  • Task 7: Trainings
    This task is composed of three activities:

    Training on using of geodatabase model and on populating the model with data

    After RBMPs GIS will be implemented and operational, the Consultant will conduct training courses to teach users how to manage (create, change, retrieve, export, retrieve and delete) attributes of spatial dataset (layers), contained in geodatabase by using dedicated RBMPs applications.

    Upon completion of the courses, participant will have a clear understanding on the application workflow and working with content of WIS GDB, layers and its attributes. The course will combine lectures and hands-on exercises (i.e. working at computers with practical applications) and encourages dialogues and interactions among Participants and Lecturer.

    Training on River Basin management regarding to the development of RBMPs and final training on approach for next analysis of River Basin Management Plans

    In order to define the exact needs of the stakeholders, the Consultant will undertake a capacity and training needs assessment, which will serve a duel purpose; namely to identify the main issues, tasks, responsibilities and capacity requirements of each institution for the implementation of water legislation, whilst also to identifying short and longer term training requirements.

    In order to successfully undertake the key responsibilities and tasks prescribed in the Law on Water, which is focused on future implementation in line with the WFD, the present capacities of each institution involved in water-related management will be determined by prioritisation against the following criteria:

    • Importance for the future implementation of the EU WFD and the development, coordination and implementation of RBMPs
    • Urgency in terms of the capacity development
    • Requirement for training for enhancement of specific skills in line with tasks specified in the WFD.

    Training of administrative staff on writing reports

    The training of administrative staff on writing reports will be in compliance with the reporting requirements of the WFD in order to enable the staff to provide information to the European Commission on the identification of River Basin Districts and Competent Authorities, as well as information on the analysis, monitoring programmes and River Basin Management Plans.

Project Details

Contracting Authority
Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro
Reference Number
EuropeAid/138151/DH/SER /ME
Project Duration
February 2017 - February 2020
Safege (a SUEZ subsidiary), Belgium in association with Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria, Spain
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD); (503) 832-1275

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